Fast Food Land

Once upon a time, in a far, far away universe there was a world called Fast Food World. Fast Food World is all made by fast foods. Everywhere you look are all different kinds of fast foods. Even  people and animals were made of fast foods!!!

One of these people is Emma. Emma had a big imagination. She wanted to discover another universe, but her parents and teachers said there were no such thing as another universe. Emma was heart broken when they told her that. But did she give up? NO!!!!

When Emma grow older she studied space, she built a spaceship and went into space when she landed she was on a different world. She was on Candy Land!! “Wahoo” she  yelled.

When she got back to Fast Food World she told everyone about her journey to Candy Land!!!!!

THE END!!!! 


the sun is up!!!!!!

the sun is up every minite of the day

the sun is up

the sun is up now, now

la , la, la, la , la , la , la, la



what kind of cat likes water?

an octpuss!!!!!!!!!!




the piano is big

the piano is small

the piano is big and small!!!!

it plays notes

lot of notes

the main notes are a b c d e f g


you can feel it but can’t touch it

you can follow it but it will never end

it can push things but can’t feel

for it is the wind!

what has four legs in the morning,

two legs in the evening,

and has three legs at night.

it is a human.


meaow, meaow says the cat,

worf, worf said the dog.

ribit, ribit says the frog,

tweet, tweet said the birds.


what have you ever wanted that made your parents laugh?????

a giraf!!?? a grilla??!!! or a kangeroo !!!!?????

a monkey that cries babby baaby!!!!!

or a dancing graif?!!!!

what ever anaiml you want it is up to you to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Joke :-p

What starts with a e and ends with a e and only has one letter in it? An envelope!!!!!!!!!



me: why did the woman tie roller scates on the rocking chair????????????

you: why???????

me: because she wanted to rock and roll!!!!!


me: why was 6 afraid of 7????

you: why?????

me: because7 8 9 (7 ate(8)9!!!!!!!!)



School Joke

It is the first day of school. The teacher was standing by her desk and was asking all the troble makers to stand up, there was a long pause. Then a little girl stands up. the teacher asked why she was standing up. The little girl said she felt sorry for the teacher because the teacher was the only one standing up and the only trouble maker.