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the sun is up!!!!!!

the sun is up every minite of the day

the sun is up

the sun is up now, now

la , la, la, la , la , la , la, la



the piano is big

the piano is small

the piano is big and small!!!!

it plays notes

lot of notes

the main notes are a b c d e f g


you can feel it but can’t touch it

you can follow it but it will never end

it can push things but can’t feel

for it is the wind!

what has four legs in the morning,

two legs in the evening,

and has three legs at night.

it is a human.


meaow, meaow says the cat,

worf, worf said the dog.

ribit, ribit says the frog,

tweet, tweet said the birds.


what have you ever wanted that made your parents laugh?????

a giraf!!?? a grilla??!!! or a kangeroo !!!!?????

a monkey that cries babby baaby!!!!!

or a dancing graif?!!!!

what ever anaiml you want it is up to you to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Colorful Fall…

The leaves are falling everywhere!

Changing colors along the way.

Red, orange, yellow, and green

 so many leaves,

so many colors.

it is getting close to winter 

getting colder along the way.

school is back!!!

as the first snowflakes fall down to Earth…

winter is almost HERE!!!!!!!