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Fast Food Land

Once upon a time, in a far, far away universe there was a world called Fast Food World. Fast Food World is all made by fast foods. Everywhere you look are all different kinds of fast foods. Even  people and animals were made of fast foods!!!

One of these people is Emma. Emma had a big imagination. She wanted to discover another universe, but her parents and teachers said there were no such thing as another universe. Emma was heart broken when they told her that. But did she give up? NO!!!!

When Emma grow older she studied space, she built a spaceship and went into space when she landed she was on a different world. She was on Candy Land!! “Wahoo” she  yelled.

When she got back to Fast Food World she told everyone about her journey to Candy Land!!!!!

THE END!!!! 



the piano is big

the piano is small

the piano is big and small!!!!

it plays notes

lot of notes

the main notes are a b c d e f g

My big sister eats books!

To my big sister Leah

My big sister likes to eat books. Every day she eats a normal breakfast of cereal or oatmeal at home. But if she is at college she likes to eat history books for breakfast. I would rather read them instead of eating them for breakfast. 

How do I know? Well because when ever I come to visit my big sister in New York I always find stacks of chewed up books every where! There was a pile of chewed up books on the TV, and bed. The closet and bathroom was so full of chewed up books that if you even try to open it a little crack,the chewed up books would come tumbling on you if you don’t run away fast enough.  And every morning I would find a new pile of books.

Whenever she goes to class you can hear my big sister chewing a mile away. Every single class time she chews on a book. The students couldn’t hear the teacher when he or she(in this case he) is standing right in front of them. 

And instead of doing her work when it’s work time she eats it up! Work time is like lunch break for her. That’s why work time is now lunch break for the students, but of course a lot shorter. And lunch break is now work time,but of course a lot longer. But at least they don’t have to wear double ear plugs just so they don’t hear my big sister chewing on paper. 

My big sister literally shoves books in her mouth. Every time she does that, she drols a lot and when I say a lot I mean a lot! When I say a lot I mean a lake, a river, a pond, an ocean!That’s why whenever I come to visit, I always bring my surf board. Even though I have no idea how to surf, but I can still make good use for it. 

  When she is told to do a reading assignment , she likes to read the book first. Then when her report is done my big sister eats the whole entire book but she still gets credit! That is so not fair.


  But no mater how

 weird or silly my big sister is. She will always be my big sister. And I will always love her.