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Summer Rocks…

School lets out in the end of May,

no more homework not right now!

No more heavy backpacks not until fall!

Summer vacations are funnier then fun!

Water parks, Disney World and so 

much more!

Fireworks sparkle here and there,

4th of July is every where!

Twinkle here twinkle there,

fireflies every where! 

The starry night glows up the dark sky!

Every single glow helps!

Sumer Rocks!

Sumer Rules!

Sumer is the Best!!!

Spring is Near!…

The flowers are blooming every where,

my, what a pretty pretty sight!

The snow is melting here and there,

melting from the heat.

The sun is shinny very bright,

so no more snow gears no more boots!

 April showers here and there,

Ester egg hunts are every where!

The grass grows green so bright oh so bright

Every where you look,

every where you go,

spring is EVERY WHERE!

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